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NEW Full Face 180 Degree View Snorkel Mask

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The latest technology in diving gear, this full-face mask is a game changer!  Yes, it is as AWESOME as people say it is!  Try for yourself.


[+] 180 degree full face viewing area - take it all in with this HUGE viewing area.
[+} Anti-fogging breathing chamber - this innovative design allows you to breathe easier through your mouth and nose without fogging up the mask!
[+] Easy to use - from novice to pro, the adjustable headband design makes it a breeze to get started and less fuss so you can enjoy your time in the water longer!

What size should I order?

Measure the length from the top of your eye to the bottom of your chin.
IF the length is less than 5 1/2 inches (14cm) then you should choose S/M.
IF the length is equal to or greater than 5 1/2 inches (14cm) then you should choose L/XL.

--Before using, rinse with clean water and let dry
--Loosen the headbands and place mask on the bottom of your face
--Pull headbands firmly over your head and ensure mask fits comfortably yet tightly by adjusting the straps
--Make sure there are no gaps between your face and mask
--Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult

--Put mask on according to directions and place head in water
--Make sure no water enters into mask when placed on face and head is submerged under water
--Breathe normally when top is above water
--Remove mask by placing your finger into the gap between the mask and your jaw, then push mask upwards over your face

--Keep in a cool and dry place.  Do not expose to direct sunlight when not in use
--Use only lint-free / scratch-free eyeglass cloth to clean and dry the surface of the mask
--After use, rinse with clean water and let air dry
--After use in seawater, remove salt by immersing product into clean warm water for a few minutes, then let air dry

--Do not use mask if damaged
--Before use, check mas for cracks, tears in dry top, face skirt, and headbands
--Use only in water
--Do not dive or jump into water while wearing mask

Material: Poly-carbonate shatterproof PVC
Lining: Silicone