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Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet

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The 99.99% Pure COPPER Brushed Silver color bracelets are electroplated with zinc giving them a protective layer. There are claims of additional health benefits from zinc/copper alloys as compared to Copper alone. 

DESIGNED FOR HEALING PURPOSES - The combination of pure copper and magnets are designed to increase blood flow to the hands and help relieve arthritis and back pain. This is a copper bracelet for men and for women.

HAWAIIAN DESIGN - This bracelet is designed with the Hawaiian tribal triangles to remind you to live the Aloha lifestyle!

ONE SIZE FITS ALL - The bracelet is adjustable! Simply slip you wrist in and then pinch sides if it is too loose.

More about the Copper Bracelet:

In Polynesian Culture the tribal designs found in tattoos were believed to give the owner spiritual power, protection and strength. Copper magnetic bracelets are said to increase blood flow to the hands and are perfect for those living an active lifestyle.

Our Native Edge Bracelets carry deep symbolic meaning. Engraved with an ancient Hawaiian design of shark teeth or “niho mano”, our bracelets represent fearless protection, courage, power, ferocity, and adaptability-all the attributes of a Hawaiian shark guardian or “Aumakua”.

According to ancient Hawaiian tradition, sharks are not to be feared, rather they are treated with deep respect. It was widely believed that one’s aumakua or guardian spirit can be a shark.

This does not mean every shark one encounters is a guardian spirit and will be kind to you. It is common to identify one’s shark aumukua by very specific marking on their bodies.

Unsurprisingly, those who have shark aumkauas won’t hunt or eat sharks. The special relationship between human and shark is a common theme in ancient Hawaiian culture. One of many legends tells of a woman who is captured by a shark.

She pleads for her freedom and tells the shark he is her aumakua. Before her captor lets her go he tells her that he will be able to identify her based on the the toothmarks he left on her. In accordance with this legend, some Hawaiians tattoo their ankles or wrists to identify themselves to their aumkauas.

Native Edge embraces the respect Hawaiian culture has for nature. Hawaiian culture is simple yet an essential concept of harmony between humans and environment. It is in this spirit we offer the Native Edge Niho Mano bracelets.

Live Fearless,

Native Edge

Recent Reviews:

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judge716 - Inexpensive, attractive, effective!
This bracelet is very attractive and definitely helps with both pain and swelling from the severe arthritis I have in my left wrist. I have gone 10 months without a cortisone shot instead of 3 to 4 months since I started wearing one on the other wrist. It works even better now that I have one on each wrist. I don't know whether it is the copper or the magnets (nor do I care) but they do work!

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Lauren R. - Beautiful Bracelet
I'd been wanting a Copper bracelet for a while, I suffer from Migraines and someone suggested a Copper bracelet, claiming it worked wonders for them. When I found the Native Edge bracelet and read the story behind the design, I was hooked. It arrived two days later and I adored it from the second I pulled it out of the box. It's gorgeous!

I have tiny wrists, so it's the tightest it can go without overlapping. I'm not sure if it's doing anything to help my migraines, I've worn it less than a week and haven't had a migraine, but that could just be because I haven't had one. That said, it looks great, I've gotten compliments on it since wearing it and I love the design!

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Matthew O'Donnell - Must Buy!
Better than shown! Great look, quality & comfortable! I have very acute minor arthritis in my wrist & hand - but after I put this on it completely dissipates within 30 secs.