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ULTIMATE Travel Diaper Bag

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Super cute AND super functional!  This is the only travel diaper bag you'll ever need.

Key Features:

[+] Wide opening (fish mouth) offers a large view and easy access
[+] Foil insulation to keep bottles warm
[+] Waterproof and ultra-durable
[+] Tissue pocket
[+] Anti-theft pocket for your valuables

Additional details:

Material: Waterproof polyester
Insulation: Front 3 insulated bottle pockets will fit most baby bottles.  The max bottle size is about 3 inches and about 7.8 inches tall. The insulated layer can keep bottles warm for 2-4 hours.
Dimensions: 11.8 x 5.9 x 15.8 inches
Waterproof Back Pocket: The PVC back pocket is perfect for wet clothes/diapers.


As of January 1st, we have 150 travel diaper bags in stock and are offering them at 55% OFF retail price.  Once this batch of inventory has been purchased, we will raise the rate to full retail price.

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What Moms Have to Say:

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 K. Coburn - Buy this! You seriously will NOT regret it!!!

Oh my gosh you guys! This bag is my favorite baby item I have ever bought! It’s so convenient and cute as well! It’s so much easier to wear a backpack instead of carrying a bulky bag on your shoulder! I have so many people asking where I got mine from! I have probably sold like 100 of them lol. But seriously best bag ever do yourself a favor and buy one!! I probably need to get another one so I can have multiple colors! My 10 year old actually said she wants one for school lol

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This bag is the answer to all of your diaper bag problems! I've tried several styles and types of bags and have always been left disappointed or frustrated with them because, after a while, they'd all end up a jumbled, heavy, awkward mess. This bag has it all! Sorry for the novel, but I can't say enough about how cool this bag is! I'm going to be recommending it to ALL of my mom friends! Here is what I was able to fit into my bag with no problems:

Large zipper compartment:
-change of clothes (shorts and shirt)
-bathing suit
-swim diaper
-burp cloth
-5 diapers
-diaper cream
-diaper disposable bags
-Johnson & Johnson head to toe wipes
-changing pad
-2 bottles of medication & dropper
-tampons (for mom) lol
-ink pen
-ziplock bag of toys
-board book

Front bottle compartment:
-5 oz bottle of dry formula
-5 oz bottle of Gerber cereal
-9 oz standard size bottle
-2 squeeze pouches of food
-1 easy mix packet of formula

Side Pockets:
-wipes (has a cool little slit for easy access)
-other side: empty for now (will probably use for wallet/phone/keys)

The bag itself is gorgeous! It's stylish and well-made, and the color options are all cute! It fits everything I need (and more!), and the multiple pockets, compartments, and zippers allow for easy access to whatever you need. Everything has a place and stays organized. Even with everything in the bag, it stays compact and is easy to carry. The bag even came with free stroller clips and was shipped and delivered earlier than expected! The price is very affordable, and because it holds so much, the bag could be used for more than one child if necessary. The backpack option is definitely better than the original purse/bag type of diaper bag I had before. I do plan on using this bag if we have a second child.

I guess the only thing I'd like to see would be more color options and/or patterns. As of now, you're limited to 5 (cute) color choices.

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D. Bruera - I got this because my best friend has one in green and she loves it
Have not used this yet since I am still pregnant! But I got this because my best friend has one in green and she loves it! I've seen it in action and its so practical!